Best Home and Office Interior Designer in Gurgaon and Delhi

From minute touchups to major overhauls, the home should reflect the style and tastes of a homeowner. NGLC, the best home and office interior designers in Gurgaon, help bring customer plans to life. No surprises along the way, but a cost-effective home enhancement customised to personal aesthetics.

Office Interior Designer in Gurgaon and Delhi

Office/ Commercial Interiors

The Interiors contribute immensely to the growth of a Business and productivity of its employees. One’s Interiors should always define one’s Business. Hence, you’d need to be very careful while choosing a Wall Color, Floor Design, Layout, Furniture, Lighting, and other things that add towards the Interiors. It is rightly said that the work atmosphere has a great impact on the performance of the staff. So to make sure that your office interiors are done perfect we would recommend you, NGLC Realtech Pvt. Ltd. NGLC Realtech is a turnkey construction company with the best interior designers in Delhi and Gurgaon. At NGLC Realtech, we also have the best office interior designers. While doing the office interior one should make sure that the interior should fill your workplace with Positive Energy, Strength, Liveliness, and Dynamism. A welcoming office, improves the decision-making capabilities, along with filling the space with Great Ideas to Grow. It might be nearly impossible to find a good interior design company that would cater to all your needs. Therefore at, NGLC Realtech we make sure that our in-house team of best interior designers caters to all your interior needs. It does not come as a surprise that NGLC Realtech is highly recommended interior design company in Delhi and Gurgaon. Here at NGLC Realtech, we assist you to enter into a more professional environment by helping in choosing your insides.



Residential Interiors

A home is considered as the most pleasing and a stress-free place. Usually, people want to decorate their homes in a unique and a distinct manner, but in order to save money, one goes the unplanned way of not seeking professional advice and ends up spending a lot more than expected. If one can get his/her dream home Interiors without burning a large hole in one’s pocket, then why would you go with the unplanned and traditional ways. Moreover, it is very difficult to choose an interior designer that understands your tastes and requirements. Therefore, at NGLC Realtech, we come as a turnkey construction as well as an interior design company. We have the best team of interior designers in Delhi and Gurgaon. Our Interior Designers suggest to you the latest designs and patterns-as per your tastes, making you just sit back and tell your choice(s) to them. They provide you with various arrangements that suit your mood, budget, and lifestyle. Our aim is to articulate and execute the designs in your thoughts to actual reality of creating your Beautiful Home.

We specialize in Interior Work

Industry’s Best resources being a part of our Team are assigned to design your office or home in the most desirable manner. NGLC Realtech comes as a complete turnkey construction and best interior design company in Delhi and Gurgaon . At NGLC Realtech, we are equipped with all the modern tools and techniques to garnish your space. Our exceptionally skilled and trained teams of best interior designers support you with the elegant and decent designs of your choice. The aim of our design staff is to adorn your home or office in the most sophisticated way. We take the project from the initial stage and help you to provide the patterns that meet local needs and standards. Our designers strategize the design plan keeping your requirements at the top. We work with the objective to beautify your home by giving a modern touch and feel, but yet maintaining our traditional values and culture. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that NGLC is known as the best construction and interior design Company in Delhi and Gurgaon.

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  • What all Interior services NGLC Realtech provides?

    NGLC Realtech provides the sketch drawings, for creation of  Vaastu Compliant, Creative & detailed drawings for as per the Interior designing requirements.

    Interiors are designed to make the spaces more functional, beautiful & secure by understanding the customer’s space requirements and suggesting essential and garnishing items, such as Colours, Lighting, and other decorative materials.

  • Is interior designing and interior decoration same thing?

    Interior design is to develop the Layout Plan/Furniture plan, etc. as per the requirements of  the Customers and to create spaces accordingly, while interior decorating relates with the Décor,  Furnishing and beautification of the space with decorative items, furniture, etc.  to deliver the desired tasteful aesthetics. In short, interior designers may be decorators, but interior decorators do not design.

  • How do I move ahead with my Interior designer requirements for my project?

    NGLC Realtech will assign qualified and  experienced Interiors designing team to work on the detailed shared and as per your requirements along with their suggestions to deliver your project with Best of the Best results. A lead designer will share their ideas and delivered experiences and generate the best possible layout & decoration plan for your Sweet Home.

  • Is the home designing done as per my needs or as per design suggested by the Interior designer?

    You are the Boss !! Our Interiors experts will suggest their best ideas to yield best out of the floor plan, however we will definitely take your inputs before designing the same. The Home interiors shall be designed as per your tastes and requirements.

  • Why do I need Interior Designing services?

    There are various factors such as: – Expertise, Planning Skills and Design Know-How, Innovative resolutions, Detailing in each work, Need analysis, Foreseeing Future needs, Increasing resale value of your property.

  • Benefits of Interior Designing?

    Here are a few of the reasons why interior design is important:-

    • Good interior design creates a great first impression
    • Interior Design Improves Your Space
    • Colours Affect Our Moods
    • Fits the occupant’s lifestyle
    • Design Maximizes Your Space
    • Adds functionality to the place
    • High aesthetic quality
    • Cost savings – What to and how to Buy and within budget

    –       Good interior design is easy to maintain

    • Combining styles in the right manner
    • The best option for busy persons